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Apple iPhone X first look

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The Apple iPhone X is the new super flagship phone from Apple. It comes with an edge-to-edge screen, Face ID

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Title:Apple iPhone X first look
Duration:3M 5S
Uploaded by:The Verge
Date Uploaded:12 September 2017

User Comment
abc 123
IPhone 8 displays Made in Samsung Right??
iPhones are less intuitive these days. The user needs to learn a load of gestures to get stuff done. Not necessarily a bad thing, but combined with the absence of skeuomorphism, the iPhone doesn't have that familiar, natural feeling to a new user any more.
I cant think of a user name
Phones have lost thier original purpose over the 21st century
What's next apple?.....FART ID ??
juan de la cruz
Meanwhile in a car crash, two guys stuck and dying:

Guy A: "dude call 911 on your iphone x!"

Guy B: "I can't!"

guy A: " WTF! Why?!"

Guy B: " I think I broke my nose and eyes! I can't unlock the screen! I Think where gonna die!!"

Lesson: "Never buy Iphone X. Instead buy Samsung"